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September 14, 2004: GURPS Lite Translations

We'd like GURPS Fourth Edition to be available in as many languages as possible. Right now, it's being translated into Japanese (to be published by Kadokawa Shoten), Korean (Dayspring Games) and Portuguese (Devir Livraria). Will there be others? For sure . . . but there's nothing to announce yet.

In the meantime, what about GURPS Lite? Realistically, a 32-page book, designed to be given away free, can be translated into a LOT of languages where it'll never be worth anybody's while to translate the whole system. Of course, the Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese languages will be covered by the licensed publishers. And we already have volunteers working on Bulgarian, Italian, Danish, French, and Klingon. Yes, Klingon.

But that still leaves several hundred languages. If you're interested, drop me a line and we'll talk. Where I have multiple qualified volunteers for a language, I'll pick one as the lead translator but encourage them to work together. We will post the finished versions on our site for free download, and permit you (and others) to create hardcopy versions for free distribution. You will of course get credit as translator on our site and on your translated version.
-- Steve Jackson

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