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September 13, 2020: A Month Till FnordCon

A few days less than a month, actually! FnordCon 2.3, a one-day virtual event, will be Saturday, October 10. Our Guest of Honor this time is Liz Danforth . . . Magic card artist, iconic Tunnels & Trolls illustrator (and editor!), and one of our go-to creators of Fantasy Trip art. Especially art involving the noble octopus. She'll be around most of the day, and will have her own hour-long session in the evening for you to say hi and ask questions.

The rest of the day will likewise be full of talk sessions where you can interact with the speakers . . . and, naturally, full of games. Did I mention games? At a minimum, there will be Tribes and Deadly Doodles. And, as a special feature, there will be an all-day blitz game of UltraCorps - 23 turns, with ticks (turns) running every 30 minutes. If you have never played this great 4X game of galactic conquest, here's your chance! And if you want to brush up in advance - it's free, of course - there is a solo game option at www.ultracorps.com that will let you learn about the units, the commands, and some good ways to blitz that inoffensive planet that's in your line of expansion.

Check out www.sjgames.com/fnordcon for the most up to date info.

-- Steve Jackson

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