TSR Takeover

Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 22:39:50 -0700
From: Luke Vaughn

In your message to inwo-list@io.com (cc to me) you wrote:

This is completely off topic, but it seems as if TSR has been taken over by Wizards of the Coast!!!!

Expletives fail me!

No, no no. The attack has merely been declared.

You see, the Adepts control WOTC, and are attempting an attack to take control of T$R from the the Gnomes.

WOTC is a power 3 resistance 4 group. Alignments: Corp. Weird. Attribs: Costal, Media, Magic.

T$R is a power 3 resistance 6 group. Alignments: Corp. Weird. Attrib: Huge, Media, Magic

WOTC has 3 + 8 for like alignments + 6 from the Adepts as T$R is Magic, minus 6 for T$Rs resistance, and since T$R is actually controled by S.M.o.F. which is controlled by the Gnomes, there is another minus 4 for like alignment there and minus 5 for distance from the Illuminatii. So the attack is currently at a 2.

We suspect that Trading Card Games, which is being controlled by the Discordians may assist WOTC, and both the Gnomes and Adepts still have their action tokens.

So, the attack is still up in the air.

Irreverantly submitted by Luke & Jason

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