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Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 20:01:12 +0000
From: [Redacted]

To: The Enlightened
From: [fnord], Undeniable Ruler of The Universal Regime of Zooloopia

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Has anyone noticed the following facts?

--> WWW <--

  • W is the twenty third letter of the alphabet
  • "WWW" does not actually stand for "World Wide Web", but "Weird,Weird, Weird"
  • rotated 90 degrees clockwise, a W is an E, the fifth letter of thealphabet, also the first letter of the Goddess' name (Eris)
  • Rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise, a W is a 3. The name "double-yoo"represents 2
  • "WWW" does not actually stand for "Weird, Weird, Weird", but "Well, Well, Well". A well provides water. "Water" has five letters in it.
  • W (E and the numeral 3) have 5 points - 2 on one side, 3 on the other
  • URL is NOT an acronym for "Universal Resource Location", but rather, "U. R. Loony". Sir Ulfaxstus Reginold Loony is the true inventor of the internet. Well, he will be in 2023.
  • WWW actually has five letters in it - two invisible, three visible. The invisible letters are the only visible letters if you too, are invisible. In that case, the visible letters are invisible. FNoRD
  • "WWW" does not actually stand for "Well, Well, Well" (who would believe THAT?), but "We Who Were", a sentence that is not only palindromic (if you pronounce your "R"s like "W"s), but whose component words can also be rearranged in any order to produce a meaningful sentence, provided the context is correct. "Context" has seven letters, and therefore is unremarkable.
  • rotated 180 degrees clockwise, WWW is MMM. M is the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, and unlucky. In other words, don't rotate WWW 180 degrees. I risk my life telling you this. Even more importantly, don't rotate WWW 180 ANTI-clockwise, because that's even more unlucky. FNORd
  • "WWW" does not actually stand for "We Who Were", but "Whistle While Work". The two invisible letters in WWW need to be known to complete the sentence.
  • If you rotate the first letter of WWW 90 degrees clockwise, the second letter 180 degrees anti-clockwise, and the last letter 90 degrees anti clockwise, you get EM3, which refers to the three laws of electro magnetism.
  • there are no such things as the three laws of electro magnetism. fnorD
  • "WWW" actually stands for "World Wide Web". Reversed, this is "be wed i wdl row" which means nothing unless you are invisible.

Hail Eris, and please remember to noseprint this message before reading it. The usual decryption method applies.

[K] All rites reversed

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