The Official INWO Card List - April 18, 1995

This list also appears in Pyramid #12.

Here it is – the official card list for Illuminati: New World Order. We didn't publish this list when the game came out for several reasons . . . and the best one is that so many collectors seem to enjoy figuring it out for themselves! It was amazing to watch the messages fly back and forth on the Internet newsgroup, as recipients of our free Rare cards started posting what they got, and other folks who just bought truckloads of cards started putting lists together. (We saw the first post listing every card in the original release only 4 days after the Dec. 16 release.)

But for those of you who don't have access to the net, this information could come in handy, especially come trading time. If game play is all you're concerned about, then trading based on a card's merits and how it fits with the type of deck you're trying to build is fine. But for you collectors out there, knowing the rarity of each card is a must. One more thing : We're very pleased to give the artists who worked so hard on INWO specific credit for each and every card. So don't be shy when you see them at a convention - get 'em to autograph the cards they helped create!

Copyright © 1995 Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. Permission is given to photocopy this list for personal use.


C - CommonU - Uncommon
R - RareI - Illuminati
S - Special
Jeff - Jeff Koke
Rick - Rick Martin
Derek - Derek Pearcy

Grp. - Group CardsPlc. - Place (Group)
Per. - Personality (Group)Res. - Resource (Group)
Plot - Plot CardsAss. - Assassination (Plot)
Dis. - Disaster (Plot)Ill. - Illuminati
Bill - Bill BarkerRick H. - Rick Harris
Jeff - Jeff KokeJohn - John Kovalic
Derek - Derek PearcyShea - Shea Ryan
Dan - Dan SmithRuth - Ruth Thompson
Gary - Gary Washington


18 1/2-Minute Gap R Plot Shea Jeff
A.M.A. C Grp. Dan Jeff
Adepts of Hermes I Ill. Shea Derek
Agent In Place C Plot Shea Derek
Air Magic (Limited)
U Plot Shea
Al Gore C Per. Shea Jeff
Albino Alligators C Plot Dan Jeff
Alternate Goals C Plot Dan Rick
American Autoduel Association C Grp. Dan Jeff
And STAY Dead! C Plot Shea Rick
Angel's Feather C Res. Shea Jeff
Angst R Plot Dan Derek
Annual Convention R Plot Dan Derek
Anti-Nuclear Activists C Grp. Dan Derek
Antiwar Activists R Grp. Shea Jeff
Are We Having Fun Yet? C Plot Dan Rick
Ark of the Covenant R Res. Shea Derek
Assertiveness Training C Plot Shea Derek
Atomic Monster C Dis. Dan Derek
The Auditor from Hell C Plot Dan Rick
B.A.T.F. U Grp. Dan Derek
Backlash C Plot Dan Jeff
Bank Merger U Plot Dan Jeff
Bank of England R Grp. Shea Rick
Bavarian Illuminati I Ill. Jeff Jeff
Benefit Concert C Plot Dan Derek
Bermuda Triangle I Ill. Dan Jeff
Big Media C Grp. Dan Derek
The Big Score C Plot Dan Rick
The Big Sellout R Plot Dan Jeff
Bigfoot C Res. Shea Derek
Bill Clinton C Per. Shea Derek
Bimbo at Eleven C Plot Shea Derek
Bjørnë C Per. Shea Derek
Black Activists C Grp. Shea Derek
Blitzkrieg R Plot Dan Rick
Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat C Plot Shea Rick
Bodyguard R Plot Dan Jeff
Book of Kells U Res. Shea Jeff
Botched Contact U Plot Dan Jeff
Boy Sprouts C Grp. Dan Jeff
Brazil C Plc. Dan Jeff
Bribery U Plot Dan Rick
The Bronze Head C Res. Shea Derek
C.I.A. R Grp. Dan Jeff
Cable TV C Grp. John Rick
California C Plc. Dan Jeff
Canada R Plc. Shea Jeff
Car Bomb C Ass. Dan Derek
Cattle Mutilators R Grp. Dan Derek
Celebrity Spokesman U Plot Shea Jeff
Censorship U Plot Shea Jeff
Center for Disease Control U Plc. Dan Rick
Center for Weird Studies C Res. Rick H. Derek
CFL-AIO R Grp. Shea Rick
Charismatic Leader C Plot Dan Jeff
China R Plc. Dan Derek
Church of Elvis U Grp. Shea Jeff
Citizenship Award C Plot Dan Jeff
Clipper Chip C Res. Dan Jeff
Clone U Plot Dan Derek
Clone Arrangers C Grp. Dan Jeff
Cold Fusion C Plot Dan Rick
Combined Disasters U Plot Dan Jeff
Comic Books U Grp. Shea Jeff
Commitment U Plot Dan Derek
Computer Security R Plot Dan Derek
Computer Virus U Plot Dan Rick
Congressional Wives U Grp. Shea Derek
Conspiracy Theorists C Grp. Shea Rick
Corruption R Plot Dan Rick
Count Dracula R Per. Shea Derek
Counter-Revolution R Plot Dan Jeff
Counterspell U Plot Dan Derek
Cover of Darkness R Plot Dan Derek
Cover-Up R Plot Dan Jeff
Crop Circles C Plot Shea Rick
Crystal Skull R Res. Dan Jeff
Currency Speculation C Plot Dan Derek
Cyborg Soldiers R Res. Dan Jeff
Cycle Gangs C Grp. Dan Jeff
Dan Quayle C Per. Shea Jeff
Deasil Engine R Plot John Rick
Death Mask U Res. Shea Derek
Deep Agent C Plot Dan Jeff
Democrats U Grp. Dan Rick
Dentists C Grp. Shea Rick
Deprogrammers U Grp. Dan Rick
Dictatorship C Plot Dan Rick
Dinosaur Park U Plc. Dan Derek
Discordian Society I Ill. Jeff Jeff
Dollars for Decency U Plot Shea Jeff
Double-Cross C Plot Dan Derek
Druids C Grp. Shea Jeff
Early Warning C Plot Dan Rick
Earth Magic C Plot Shea Jeff
Earthquake C Dis. Dan Jeff
Earthquake Projector C Res. Dan Derek
Eat The Rich! R Plot Shea Jeff
Eco-Guerrillas C Grp. Dan Jeff
EFF R Grp. Shea Jeff
Elders of Zion R Grp. Dan Jeff
Eliza U Res. Dan Derek
Elvis R Per. Shea Jeff
Embezzlement R Plot Dan Jeff
Emergency Powers C Plot Dan Derek
Empty Vee C Grp. Shea Derek
England C Plc. Shea Jeff
Epidemic C Dis. Shea Jeff
Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow R Grp. Shea Jeff
Exposed! C Plot Dan Rick
F.B.I. C Grp. Dan Derek
Faction Fight R Plot Dan Jeff
Fast Food Chains C Grp. Dan Jeff
Federal Reserve U Grp. Dan Rick
Feminists U Grp. Dan Jeff
Fidel Castro U Per. Dan Derek
Fiendish Fluoridators C Grp. Dan Jeff
Finland R Plc. Shea Jeff
The First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All The Lawyers R Plot Shea Jeff
Flat Earthers C Grp. Dan Derek
Flower Power U Plot Shea Rick
Flying Saucer C Res. Dan Jeff
Fnord Motor Company C Grp. Dan Jeff
Fnord! C Plot Derek Derek
Foiled! U Plot Shea Rick
Forgery U Plot Shea Jeff
France C Plc. John Jeff
Fraternal Orders C Grp. John Jeff
Freaking The Mundanes U Plot Shea Jeff
Fred Birch Society R Grp. Shea Rick
The Frog God C Res. Shea Jeff
Full Moon U Plot Dan Derek
Fundie Money C Plot Dan Derek
Gang War U Plot Shea Jeff
Gay Activists U Grp. Shea Derek
George Bush C Per. Shea Rick
George the Janitor C Plot Shea Jeff
Germany R Plc. John Jeff
Giant Kudzu U Dis. Dan Jeff
Girlie Magazines C Grp. Shea Rick
Gnomes of Zurich I Ill. Derek Derek
Goal: Criminal Overlords U Plot Shea Jeff
Goal: Fratricide C Plot Shea Derek
Goal: Hail Eris! C Plot Dan Derek
Goal: Kill For Peace! R Plot Dan Derek
Goal: Let Them Eat Cake! U Plot Shea Jeff
Goal: Power For Its Own Sake R Plot Shea Derek
Goal: Power To The People U Plot Dan Jeff
Goal: The Corporate Masters C Plot Ruth Derek
Goal: The Hand of Madness C Plot Shea Jeff
Goal: Up Against The Wall! R Plot Dan Jeff
Goldfish Fanciers R Grp. Shea Derek
Good Polls (Limited)
C Plot Dan
Gordo Remora C Per. Shea Jeff
Grassroots Support C Plot Dan Jeff
The Great Pyramid S Plc. Shea Jeff
Gremlins R Plot Shea Jeff
Gun Lobby C Grp. Dan Derek
Hackers U Grp. Dan Jeff
Hallucinations C Res. Dan Derek
Hammer of Thor C Res. Shea Derek
Harmonica Virgins C Plot Shea Derek
Hat Trick C Plot John Jeff
Hawaii C Plc. Shea Rick
Head In A Jar U Plot Dan Derek
Hex R Plot Dan Jeff
Hidden City U Res. Shea Rick
Hidden Influence R Plot Shea Rick
Hillary Clinton C Per. Shea Derek
Hit and Run C Ass. Gary Derek
Hitler's Brain R Res. Dan Derek
Hoax! U Plot Shea Derek
Hollywood U Plc. Shea Jeff
The Holy Grail R Res. Shea Jeff
Hurricane C Dis. Dan Rick
I Lied U Plot Shea Jeff
I.R.S. U Grp. Dan Derek
Imelda Marcos C Per. Shea Rick
Immortality Serum R Res. Shea Derek
Impostor C Plot Dan Jeff
Infobahn C Plot Dan Derek
Intellectuals C Grp. Dan Rick
Interference C Plot Shea Rick
International Cocaine Smugglers C Grp. Dan Rick
International Conspiracy R Grp. Dan Jeff
International Weather Organization U Grp. Shea Derek
The Internet Worm U Plot Dan Jeff
Israel (Limited)
R Plc. John
Italy R Plc. Shea Rick
Jake Day C Plot Shea Derek
Japan C Plc. John Derek
Jihad C Plot Dan Jeff
Jimmy Hoffa R Per. Dan Rick
Joggers C Grp. Shea Jeff
Junk Mail U Grp. Dan Rick
Just Say No C Plot Dan Derek
Ketchup Is A Vegetable C Plot Dan Rick
Kinder and Gentler C Plot Dan Jeff
KKK C Grp. Dan Derek
L-4 Society (Limited)
U Grp. John
Las Vegas C Plc. Shea Derek
Lawyers C Grp. Shea Jeff
Let's Get Organized C Plot Shea Rick
Let's Get REALLY Organized U Plot Shea Rick
Let's You and Him Fight R Plot Shea Jeff
Liberal Agenda C Plot Shea Rick
Libertarians R Grp. Shea Rick
The Library at Alexandria U Res. Shea Jeff
Liquor Companies R Grp. John Jeff
Loan Sharks C Grp. Dan Jeff
Local Police Departments U Grp. Dan Rick
Loch Ness Monster C Res. Shea Jeff
Logic Bomb R Plot Dan Jeff
Madison Avenue C Grp. Dan Jeff
The Mafia R Grp. Dan Jeff
Manuel Noriega U Per. Dan Rick
March On Washington C Plot Dan Derek
Margaret Thatcher U Per. Dan Rick
Market Manipulation U Plot John Rick
Martial Law C Plot Dan Derek
Martyrs C Plot Dan Rick
Mass Murder R Plot Derek Derek
Media Blitz C Plot Shea Rick
Media Connections R Plot Shea Rick
Media Sensation C Per. Dan Jeff
The Men In Black R Grp. Dan Derek
Mercenaries C Res. Dan Jeff
Messiah R Plot Dan Jeff
Meteor Strike U Dis. Dan Jeff
MI-5 U Grp. Dan Jeff
Midas Mill C Res. Dan Derek
Miracle Diet Plan C Plot Shea Jeff
Mistaken Identity R Plot Dan Rick
Mob Influence C Plot Dan Rick
Monopoly C Plot Dan Rick
Moonbase C Plc. Dan Derek
Moonies C Grp. Dan Rick
Moral Minority C Grp. Dan Jeff
Mossad R Grp. Shea Jeff
Mothers' March C Plot Shea Rick
Multinational Oil Corporations U Grp. John Jeff
Murphy's Law U Plot John Rick
Mutual Betrayal C Plot Shea Rick
N.S.A. R Grp. Dan Rick
Nancy Reagan R Per. Shea Rick
NASA U Grp. Dan Rick
Nationalization C Plot Shea Derek
NATO R Grp. Shea Derek
Necronomicon U Res. Shea Derek
Nephews of God C Grp. Shea Derek
The Network I Ill. Dan Jeff
Never Surrender C Plot Dan Rick
New Blood C Plot Shea Derek
New Federal Budget U Plot Dan Rick
New York U Plc. Dan Rick
Nice Idea. It's Mine Now. R Plot Dan Jeff
Ninjas C Grp. Dan Derek
Nobel Peace Prize C Plot Shea Derek
Nuclear Accident C Dis. Dan Rick
Nuclear Power Companies C Grp. Dan Derek
NWO: A Thousand Points of Light (blue) U Plot Dan Rick
NWO: Bigger Business (yellow) U Plot John Jeff
NWO: Chicken In Every Pot (blue) C Plot Shea Rick
NWO: Don't Forget To Smash The State (yellow) C Plot Dan Jeff
NWO: Energy Crisis (blue) R Plot John Rick
NWO: Fear and Loathing (blue) U Plot Dan Rick
NWO: Gun Control (red) U Plot Dan Jeff
NWO: Law and Order (yellow) U Plot Dan Rick
NWO: Military-Industrial Complex (yellow) C Plot Dan Jeff
NWO: Peace In Our Time (red) C Plot John Derek
NWO: Political Correctness (red) U Plot Dan Rick
NWO: Solidarity (red) C Plot Shea Derek
NWO: Tax Reform (red) R Plot John Rick
NWO: World Hunger (blue) C Plot Dan Jeff
NWO: World War 3 (yellow) R Plot Dan Jeff
An Offer You Can't Refuse R Plot Dan Derek
Offshore Banks U Grp. Shea Rick
Ollie North U Per. Dan Rick
OPEC C Grp. Shea Derek
Opportunity Knocks R Plot Shea Jeff
Orbit One U Plc. Dan Jeff
Orbital Mind Control Lasers C Res. Dan Derek
The Oregon Crud R Dis. Shea Rick
Paranoids C Grp. Shea Jeff
Payoff C Plot Dan Rick
Pentagon C Plc. Dan Jeff
Perpetual Motion Machine R Res. Dan Derek
Phone Company U Grp. Dan Rick
Phone Phreaks C Grp. Dan Derek
Plague of Demons R Dis. Dan Jeff
Pledge Drive U Plot Shea Rick
Poison C Ass. Shea Derek
Pollsters R Grp. Shea Jeff
Post Office C Grp. Dan Derek
Power Corrupts C Plot Dan Derek
Power Grab C Plot Dan Derek
Prince Charles U Per. Shea Rick
Princess Di U Per. Shea Derek
Principia Discordia C Res. Shea Jeff
Privatization C Plot Shea Derek
Privileged Attack C Plot Dan Jeff
Professional Sports U Grp. Dan Jeff
Psychiatrists U Grp. Shea Jeff
Pulitzer Prize C Plot Dan Derek
Punk Rockers C Grp. Shea Jeff
Purge C Plot Dan Derek
Pyramid Marketing Schemes S Grp. Shea Rick
Rain of Frogs U Dis. Shea Rick
Reach Out . . . R Plot Dan Jeff
Read My Lips C Plot John Rick
Recording Industry C Grp. Shea Rick
Red Cross R Grp. Shea Jeff
Red Scare U Plot Dan Derek
Reformed Church of Satan U Grp. Dan Jeff
Religious Reich C Grp. Shea Derek
Reload! U Plot Dan Jeff
Reorganization C Plot Dan Derek
Republicans U Grp. Dan Rick
Resistance Is Useless! R Plot Dan Jeff
Revolution! U Plot Dan Rick
Rewriting History R Plot John Jeff
Rifkinites R Grp. Dan Derek
Robot Sea Monsters U Grp. Dan Jeff
Rogue Boomer C Res. Dan Derek
Ronald Reagan C Per. Shea Jeff
Rosicrucians C Grp. Shea Derek
Ross Perot R Per. Dan Rick
Russia C Plc. Shea Derek
S.M.O.F. R Grp. Shea Jeff
Sabotage R Plot Dan Derek
Saddam Hussein C Per. Shea Jeff
Saturday Morning Cartoons U Grp. Shea Rick
Save the Whales C Plot Shea Derek
Savings & Loan Scam U Plot Dan Jeff
Savings and Loans R Grp. Shea Jeff
Scandal R Plot Shea Jeff
Science Fiction Fans C Grp. Dan Rick
The Second Bullet C Plot Dan Jeff
Secret Service R Grp. Dan Jeff
Secrets Man Was Not Meant To Know U Plot Dan Derek
Secular Humanists U Grp. Shea Jeff
Seize The Time! U Plot Dan Derek
Self-Esteem C Plot Dan Rick
Semiconscious Liberation Army C Grp. Dan Rick
Senate Investigating Committee R Plot Shea Rick
Servants of Cthulhu I Ill. Dan Jeff
Shangri-La I Ill. Dan Derek
Shroud of Turin R Res. Shea Jeff
Silicon Valley U Plc. Dan Jeff
Slush Fund C Plot Dan Jeff
Sniper U Ass. Dan Rick
Society for Creative Anarchism C Grp. Dan Jeff
Soulburner R Res. Shea Derek
South American Nazis R Grp. Dan Rick
Spasm of Violence R Plot Dan Derek
Spear of Longinus C Res. Shea Derek
The Stars are Right R Plot Dan Rick
Stealing The Plans C Plot Dan Rick
Stock Split C Plot Dan Derek
Stonehenge C Plc. Shea Derek
Straighten Up C Plot Dan Rick
Subliminals R Grp. Shea Jeff
Sucked Dry And Cast Aside! U Plot Dan Jeff
Suicide Squad U Res. Shea Jeff
Supreme Court R Grp. Dan Rick
Survivalists C Grp. Dan Rick
Sweeping Reforms U Plot Dan Jeff
Sweepstakes Prize C Plot Shea Rick
Swiss Bank Account C Plot Shea Jeff
Switzerland C Plc. Shea Rick
Tabloids U Grp. Shea Derek
Talisman of Ahrimanes C Plot Shea Jeff
Tax Breaks U Plot Shea Rick
Telephone Psychics C Grp. Shea Rick
Templars C Grp. Shea Jeff
Terrorist Nuke C Plot Dan Derek
Texas (Limited)
R Plc. Dan
Tidal Wave C Dis. Dan Jeff
Time Warp R Plot Dan Derek
Tobacco Companies C Grp. Dan Rick
Tornado C Dis. John Rick
Trading Card Games S Grp. Shea Rick
Trekkies C Grp. Dan Jeff
Triliberal Commission R Grp. Shea Jeff
TV Preachers C Grp. Shea Derek
UFOs I Ill. Bill Jeff
Underground Newspapers R Grp. Dan Rick
United Nations C Grp. Dan Jeff
Unlucky 13 R Plot Shea Jeff
Unmasked! R Plot Shea Jeff
Upheaval! C Plot Dan Derek
Urban Gangs C Grp. Shea Derek
Vampires C Grp. Shea Jeff
Vatican City C Plc. Dan Jeff
Video Games C Grp. Dan Rick
Volcano U Dis. Dan Derek
Volunteer Aid C Plot Shea Derek
Voodoo Economics C Plot Shea Rick
Voudonistas U Grp. Shea Rick
Vultures C Plot Dan Rick
W.I.T.C.H. C Grp. Dan Derek
Wall Street C Grp. Shea Jeff
Warehouse 23 U Res. Shea Jeff
Wargamers C Grp. Dan Jeff
The Weak Link R Plot Dan Jeff
Weather Satellite U Res. Dan Jeff
The Weird Turn Pro C Plot Shea Rick
Whispering Campaign C Plot Shea Jeff
Withering Curse R Ass. Shea Jeff
World Cup Victory R Plot Dan Rick
Xanadu C Res. Shea Jeff


There are eight different Starter Set box backs. Two are more common than the rest:

Cheat Sheet (common)
Deck Design
Illuminated Goals
Play Sequence (common)
The Bidding Game
To The Death
World Conquest 101

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