Aaron Curtis on The Bermuda Triangle

by Aaron Curtis (curtis@europa.com)

First, let me say that my favorite Illuminati keeps changing. Currently, I like Bermuda. I think that people's problem with Bermuda is that they don't know how to use their power effectively.

The advantage of Bermuda is that they can use those groups with a "+10 on any direct attack on foo groups" and then reorganize so that they can do this every turn.

Example 1: Media Madness. Lead with Madison Avenue. It has a power of 13 to control Media groups, and 17 to control Corporate Media groups. There are at least a dozen Media groups with resistance less than 3, especially personalities. With several personalities, and some of the Media personality bounus groups (Hollywood, Empty Vee, Cable TV, California, Subliminals), it's easier to win with Power for its Own Sake than with Bermuda's special goal. Be sure to include an extra Madison Avenue and a Media Blitz in your deck, in case someone wises up. Telephone Psychics is a good second group to use to control an extra Media personality each turn.

Example 2: FOB's. Lead with Bill Clinton. He has an effective power of 16 to control any government group. Congressional Wives is a good second (they get +10 to control govt groups). There are many extremely useful govt groups, with high power and good special abilities. With a Clipper Chip, and the appropriate NWOs for your particular brand of government, it's easy to get enough power for PFIOS. My favorite flavors are: Violent govt (with Gun Control), Liberal govt (with Political Correctness), and nations (w/ Rogue Boomer and NATO). Again, be sure to have an extra Bill and either a Clone or an Imposter card.

Other examples: You can do this with Green groups (lead with Canada, second is Al Gore), Space & Science groups (lead with L-4 Society, be sure to include Library at Alexandria), Computer groups(Phone Phreaks, bring out Japan or Finland at first opportunity), or even Bank groups(Fed Reserve), although the last two would probably work better as the Network and Gnomes, respectively.

In case you didn't notice, I don't even try for Bermuda's special goal. Bermuda's strength is in its special power, and, used correctly, makes it easier to win using the basic goal. Despite some comments on how to reproduce this power (with Reorganization, or with the Elders of Zion, Zion's token and your Illuminati token), the ability to reorganize every turn for free is the hardest Illuminati power to duplicate by others.

Finally, as the least-favorite Illuminati (in most circles, your mileage may vary), Bermuda is rarely seen, which is a good indication to play a Bermuda deck in a large game. Bermuda's ability to attack to control an extra group each turn is a strong indication to play a Bermuda deck in a 2-player game, also.

-Aaron Curtis

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