Praise "Bob"!

Don't feel GUILTY! Guilt is for PINKS! And "Pils" too! blessedly INSANE is the Yeti spawn! BLESSED is he who says OR KILL ME! A true spawn of the Yeti has no NEED to be "cool," but revels FOREVER in the joy of sheer Slackful BLISS! Don't be FOOLED! You KNOW the essence of OverMan (or OverWOMAN)hood is no more meaningful than a ROACH on the FLOOR but has NO PLANNING yet occurs as it MUST and is a mere shadow of reality as perceived after the Third Nostril is opened. SCREAM it! It's all part of "Bob's" message! The doomed Conspiracy tools BREED and FILL and CORRUPT the Earth, who are DOOMED! And they exist to be MOCKED, to be FLEECED, to be pitied but USED!

Does this make NO SENSE to you?

Is this your first exposure to the Word of "Bob"?

Maybe you need to learn MORE. It depends on how you react to these electronically generated yet DIVINELY AUTHENTIC spews of TRUTH. Did you find them meaningless and annoying, or strangely compelling?

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