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Shipped February 27, 2012

Munchkin 8 Ė Half Horse, Will Travel

Centaurs and Lizard Guys!

These two classic fantasy races get the Munchkin treatment in Munchkin 8 -- Half Horse, Will Travel! Plus new Race and Class Enhancers: you can be Elite, Legendary, or Elder! Go for all three . . . you'll need all the help you can get when you fight That Gecko On The Telly, the horrifying Centaurpede, or the dread Knight Mare!

112 cards. Stock #1485, UPC 837654321393. $19.95.

W 2 3 

Shipped February 23, 2012

GURPS Classic: Conan and the Queen of the Black Coast

Conan and BÍlit Together on Their Greatest Adventure!

Allies, swordmates, lovers . . . there were two no deadlier pirates in the Hyborian Age than Conan of Cimmeria, destined to be the greatest hero of his time, and BÍlit, savage ruler of the southern buccaneers! Together, they were Conan and the Queen of the Black Coast!

Now they face supernatural horrors of haunted ruins on the Zarkheba River. Live the adventure of the glorious Hyborian Age in this solo adventure for GURPS. Based on the short story by fantasy legend Robert E. Howard, it can be played many times without having the same adventure twice. Play the mighty Conan, or design your own character to face the evil of the ruined city. The book also includes:

  • Complete character descriptions for Conan and BÍlit.
  • Animals and monsters for your GURPS campaigns.
  • A map of the Tigress, BÍlit's private vessel, and other combat maps for this adventure.

(This is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

35-page PDF. Stock #30-6204, $7.00.
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Shipped February 16, 2012

GURPS Classic: Conan Beyond Thunder River

A Savage Horde Is Out for Blood

.†.†. And only the mighty Conan stands in their path!

When the army of Aquilonia marched across Thunder River and into savage Pictland, the tribes of the Picts were driven away. To secure his rich new territory, King Numedides built Fort Tuscelan, a powerful outpost meant to keep the barbarian Picts from striking back.

But Numedides' lone fort is not enough to stop the Pict raiders. In recent days, the ruthless natives have burned Aquilonian homesteads, raided merchant caravans, and brutally murdered several soldiers from the fort.

For the Picts have united behind a sorcerous leader: the great witch-doctor, Zogar Sag. Even now, he is raising a vast Pict horde to crush Fort Tuscelan.

You are Conan of Cimmeria, commander of the scouts at Fort Tuscelan. Can you stop Zogar Sag and his army?

GURPS Conan Beyond Thunder River is based on the story "Beyond the Black River," by Robert E. Howard. In it you'll find:

  • Adventure -- a 560-entry solo adventure for Conan of Cimmeria, or your own character. There are dozens of alternate paths . . . you can play over and over and never have the same adventure twice!
  • Conan Character Sheet -- the bold Cimmerian at age 40, as an officer in the service of Aquilonia.
  • Maps -- Northwestern Hyboria, showing Aquilonia and Pictland; Conajohara Province, between the two nations; and several combat maps, for the battles in this adventure.
  • Monsters -- nine fearsome Hyborian animals for your campaigns.

All of Aquilonia is depending upon you to save the land Beyond Thunder River!

(This is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

67-page PDF. Stock #30-6201, $7.00.
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Shipped February 16, 2012

Pyramid #3/40: Vehicles

Driven to Excellence!

Anchors aweigh away and full throttle! This month's Pyramid -- the PDF magazine for roleplayers -- takes a look at all things related to vehicles. The realistic and impossible from past, present, and future are pulling into your driveway now. This issue includes:

  • "Mecha Operations," which expands and tweaks the GURPS Spaceships rules to better facilitate robotic romps. Written by GURPS Ultra-Tech co-author Kenneth Peters, this article includes Spaceships stats for three brilliant bots.
  • "The Arsenal of Mageocracy," a port of fantastic creations (complete with map). Scribed by the sage Matt Riggsby (GURPS Fantasy-Tech 1: The Edge of Reality), this feature includes GURPS info for 10 of its creations.
  • "Hot Rides!" -- this month's Eidetic Memory offering from GURPS Fourth Edition co-author David Pulver. Get there in style with GURPS vehicle stats for eight of the most amazing (and expensive) modern sports cars.
  • "Things Fall Apart," offering guidelines for how to incorporate transportation trouble into any era. Whether your gaming table likes puzzle-solving or tactical troubleshooting, you're sure to find tips here to make them fear the "check engine" light.
  • "Spirited Rides," which gives adventure possibilities for three haunted vehicles (with GURPS stats). What was the ghost-ship's bargain? Can the heroes keep the trouble-solving truck appeased?
  • "The Between-Space," an impossible systemless "vehicle" for any era, to serve as transport, destination, and plot point. When we say "it's a bargain," that's more threat than exclamation . . .

This Pyramid also includes the latest Random Thought Table delivered from Steven Marsh's garage, a Murphy's Rules that loads up the trunk, and more. With this month's Pyramid, getting there is all the fun!

39-page PDF. Stock #37-2640, $9.00.
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Shipped February 9, 2012

GURPS Classic: Conan

The Greatest Hero of the Hyborian Age Was a Barbarian: Conan of Cimmeria!

Black-haired and sullen-eyed was Conan, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth. Cycles of legend revolve around his name, glimpses of a world before history, where evil wizards performed dark sorcery, and where the fate of an empire turned on the strength and skill of a single sword.

GURPS Conan lets you enter the Hyborian Age, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles across the stars . . . Zamora, with its dark-haired women and towers of spider-haunted mystery; Zingara with its chivalry; Stygia with its shadow-guarded tombs; Hyrkania whose riders wore steel, silk, and gold; and powerful Aquilonia, the proudest kingdom of the world.

GURPS Conan includes:

  • A gazetteer featuring the people, customs, laws, religion, and mysteries of 34 lands in the world of Conan.
  • A bibliography of Conan stories: names, races and nationalities, places, and more.
  • Maps and historical information for the entire Thurian continent, from the isles of Antilla to the coast of Khitai.
  • Spells of the Hyborian Age, including the enchantments of the mysterious Black Ring and the potent sorceries of the Book of Skelos.
  • Rules for generating Hyborian Age characters.
  • Advice on running a Hyborian Age campaign and how to roleplay the non-human races, including Degenerate Men, Serpent People, and Satyrs.
  • GURPS stats for characters from the Conan saga, including Conan, BÍlit, and Thoth-Amon.

Based on the Conan stories by Robert E. Howard, L. Sprague de Camp, and others.

(This is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product. GURPS Magic for Third Edition is also helpful, but not required.)

131-page PDF. Stock #30-6012, $11.00.
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Shipped February 2, 2012

GURPS Classic: Fantasy Bestiary

Creatures of Fantasy

This extensively researched book, based on authentic folklore and legends from all over the world, is a perfect resource for the GM of any fantasy campaign. It includes more than 250 fantasy animals and plants, ranging from interesting nuisances to monstrous menaces. Each is covered in detail, with a physical description, likes and dislikes, attitude toward mankind, and means of attack.

The main section is organized alphabetically, with creatures ranging from the voracious Afanc to the noxious undead rodents that men know as Zombie Gerbils.

These rules and creatures are written for use with the GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition, but can be used with any fantasy system. Some of this material was previously published in the GURPS Bestiary but the majority is newer. All of the older beast descriptions have been reworked and brought up to Third Edition standards.

The GURPS Fantasy Bestiary also includes:

  • Special chapters on Dragons and Fabulous Plants, with many examples of each.
  • A chapter on Mythological Motifs that lets players customize any creature from this book or the GURPS Bestiary. These rules can enhance the creatures of any fantasy game you play, making this a truly generic book!
  • The spells needed for many of the magical beasts and plants in this book.
  • A detailed look at different types of animal and plant poisons.
  • Two tables, each listing every creature in the book. One is arranged alphabetically, for easy reference. The other is organized by habitat, to let the GM quickly find an appropriate creature for any terrain or situation.

(This is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

131-page PDF. Stock #30-6504, $9.00.
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New!  * Coming December  * Coming January  * Coming March  * Coming April  * Further Out  * Previously Shipped...  * All upcoming releases – text only, no cover art

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