Circus Supers

Done for a game that was never played, these 150-point Supers were going to be pitted against "The Malovelent Mister Munchkin" and his army of robots. (An evil genius kid gadgeteer who didn't want to run away to join the circus -- he wanted to take it over.)

The Circus Supers:

Bob "Megaphone" Malarkey, Circus Barker/Small Yappy Dog (150 points)
Bobo the Superclown, Super Clown... (150 points)
"Doc" Holiday, Healing Super and Hypnotist (150 points)
Elaina Amberdon, Acrobat and Animal Handler (150 points)
Kariandar, Knife Thrower and Acrobat (150 points)
Madame Zerkowski, Fortune Teller (150 points)
The Magnificent Maxwell, Super Stage Magician (150 points)

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