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August 31, 2001: Vigilante Is Here

Announcing a new release. We didn't pre-announce this one. We just finished it and sent it to the printers. And now it's shipping: Philip Reed's Vigilante.

This 16-page book comes in a brown wrapper that's covered with warnings. Read them (they're on the web page). Believe them.

Vigilante is not available in stores. What sane store would carry it? If you are over 18, you can buy it at Warehouse 23 - or, if you're in the right time at the right place, at DragonCon or Worldcon this weekend.
-- Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Cited for Excessive Noise

Playtested at Origins and GenCon, Living Caves 2000: The Original Kobold Midnight Masacre! has been deemed suitable for public consumption. This adventure for 9th Level Games' Kobolds Ate My Baby is perfect for campaigns, one-shots, or tournaments.

August 30, 2001: Rain!

For the last couple of months, Austin has been edging closer and closer to utter desiccation. The highway asphalt melted and ran down the gutters, and we've been driving on roadbase. The newspaper guys gave up trying to fry eggs on the sidewalk, because they were coming out of the chickens already hard-boiled. The trees dried up and blew away weeks ago, and we were beginning to lose some of the smaller rocks.

Well, it got better. It's raining. It's raining hard. And we're all so happy, we're not complaining about the leaks in the roof. Not very much, anyway. Yet.
-- Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: The Big One, only different

Weird Wars: Blood on the Rhine, from Pinnacle, shows you World War II as you've never seen, complete with Nazi werewolves, haunted vehicles, and horror infested French forests.

August 29, 2001: Ceres Dethroned

Since its discovery in 1801, Ceres has been known as the Solar System's largest asteroid. Until now.

The new object, currently designated "2001 KX76," is about 750 miles in diameter - much larger than Ceres, and almost half the diameter of Pluto! It is not part of the main asteroid belt, but of the Kuiper Belt, which begins outside the orbit of Neptune.

And what does this mean to your games? Well, it means David Pulver and Andrew Hackard have to change every Transhuman Space reference to Ceres from "largest asteroid" to "largest Main Belt asteroid." And eventually the new body will enter the Transhuman Space background though remote, it's large enough to be very useful to someone, once it's reached. But before we write about it, we'll wait for them to give it an official name . . .

See the BBC story for more details.
-- Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Your mission, if you choose to accept it . . .

. . . (and in the new Kobolds Ate My Baby adventure, Farmageddon!, you don't really get a choice) is to destroy the demi-plane of picnics.

August 28, 2001: Worldcon

I'm going to be at the World SF Con in Philadelphia next week. Should be fun . . . and for the not-fun parts (and the airline trips), I'm taking a huge stack of manuscripts to read . . . .

Here's what I believe to be my schedule for the convention. I have not tried to list places, because places tend to be in flux till the last moment. Check your pocket program and watch for on-site updates . . . and come by and see me. (There will be a lot of SJ Games demos other than the two that I'm personally running, and I might be catchable there as well.)