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April 11, 2013: Even More from International TableTop Day

TableTop Game DaySteve and Andrew weren't the only ones at the office who had fun on International Tabletop Day. With Andrew safely on the ground in LA and Steve's home base established at Wonko's, James Holder, Randy Schuenemann, and I split up to divide and conquer the rest of Austin.

James headed South, to Tribe Comics & Games where the loud construction in the shop next door didn't stop people from coming in and playing games. In fact everyone was having so much fun playing Munchkin and Revolution that no one realized the renovation crews had packed up and gone home until well after the commotion stopped.

Randy headed North to Rogue's Gallery only to find a game of Munchkin already in progress. Undaunted, he started another game with a different group, then began demoing Zombie Dice for everyone else who walked in. Enough people enjoyed eating brains and not getting shotgunned that by the end of the day Rogue's Gallery found themselves sold out of the game.

I arrived at Dragon's Lair just before noon and the store was already bustling. I had a group of gamers gather round as I opened up my box of demos and we ended up playing the game sitting right on top: The Stars are Right. It continued to be popular throughout the day, with only Revolution offering real competition in number of demos given.

Long story short: Games were played. Fun was had. International Tabletop Day = success!

-- Ben Williams

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