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April 19, 2013: Get Illuminated At Hannover Spielt!

The winter over here in Europe has been extremely long and dark. This was good for gaming, but though I played quite a lot and joined a wonderful private International TableTop Day evening in Nuremberg, the time without a convention has been way too long for me.

Happily this will change this weekend, and it will do so with a blast: along with a very good crew of MIBs, I will attend Hannover Spielt! in Germany, a convention I first visited in the mid-1990s, when INWO was big. A then quite unknown artist called John Kovalic had just contributed his first illustrations to a card game, and it was this illuminated masterpiece of a game which paved John's way into the games industry.

Since then, Evil Stevie made sure that he and John Kovalic would team up repeatedly to bring the world cool games like Dork Tower - The Board Game, Chez Geek, and -- of course -- Munchkin, which definitely has changed the landscape of gaming as we know it, and still continues to do so.

This 20th Hannover Spielt! will be John's first show in Germany since SPIEL 2005 in Essen, and in celebration of this the MIBs will lead everyone who dares -- or is mad enough (or both) -- to the Path to Illumination, which is a nonstop introduction to the best of Steve Jackson Games, both new and classic. Featured games will be Munchkin Apocalypse (with Radioactive D6 expansion), the brand new Dino Hunt Dice and our other dice games, Deluxe Illuminati, Give me The Brain, and much more -- you name it, we have it!

In addition, we will run non-stop demos of our summer 2013 release Castellan, an easy to learn but challenging game of castle building for two to four players, which constantly receives very positive feedback and continuous gameplay whenever we put it on the table.

And, as always, Hannover Spielt! will be a stop of the Munchkin Crusade, the tournament series of the annual German Munchkin Nationals, which is run by the MIBs and held at the best cons of the German-speaking countries. We will also have new promotional material for everyone who joins our events, so why wait?

Adjust your teleport to Hannover Spielt! 2013 and join the fun!

Logo HSpielt

-- Birger Kraemer

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