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April 17, 2013: Tabletop Gaming News Interviews . . . Me!

Ben's Interview Amidst the excitement of nonstop demos at PAX East, I managed to free up a little time for an interview with Bo from Tabletop Gaming News. Click the picture to watch me talk Ogre, Munchkin Pathfinder, and Castellan.

It's always strange to see yourself on camera. You learn things about yourself. For example, I'm apparently something of a nervous interviewee since I made a couple of mistakes during the Castellan demo. If you're one of the many folks who played a game of Castellan with me at PAX East, you may recall that a tower is worth a single point - not four. And you start with a hand of four cards - you get two cards from each deck. Bo turned out to be a great demoee though figuring it all out despite my confusion.

If you want a chance to check out Ogre, talk Munchkin, or play Castellan yourself, come stop by our booth at Origins this June! I promise I'll give you the good version of the demo.

-- Ben Williams

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