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April 18, 2021: New Releases For August

We've got some new retail releases to beat the heat of late summer this August. Get your dice ready, you're going to need them for The Fantasy Trip and our book of dice games!

Hex BasesHex Bases

Hex marks the spot!

From Dungeon Fantasy and The Fantasy Trip to Munchkin Quest and Wiz-War – no matter what your RPG or boardgame of choice may be, these hex bases will hold your characters and game pieces securely in place.

Includes 14 plastic bases, two each of seven different colors.

Random Fun GeneratorRandom Fun Generator

This spring sensation will hit game stores everywhere!

21 dice games that are . . . a little different! 

Fast-playing dice games for groups of all sizes, ages, and gaming experience. All you'll need to add is paper and a pencil for keeping score. Grab some friends, pick a page, and get rolling!

This edition includes 20 d6 dice in two different styles, so you're ready to play right out of the box. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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