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April 20, 2013: Looking For Munchkin Records!

I'm looking for some record-setting Munchkin players for my essay for The Munchkin Book. Oh, you haven't heard of that? Allow me to direct your attention to the shiny new press release.

If you think you can claim any of the records below, write me at contest@sjgames.com (not that this is exactly a contest, but it IS an easily-sortable alias that's already set up). If you don't give me your real name, don't be surprised if I don't use it.

• Most players in a Munchkin game. (Did you finish? How long did it take?)

• Tallest stack of cards actually used in a game.

• Longest game that actually came to an end? Starting and finishing time? How many players? Do you recall what sets you were using?

• Oldest and youngest players you have played with.

• Highest level at which you have ever won a game of regular Munchkin? For instance, if you were Level 9 and killed four monsters, you could argue that you ended the game at Level 13, and I'd accept that argument for the purposes of this record. After all, you didn't kill them one at a time; you killed them all at once. (Note for you rules lawyers: If you try to tell me that jumping from Level 9 to Level 13 is not winning the game, because the monsterslayer never specifically "reached" Level 10, you lose, because that's not how we define "reaching." For instance, killing the Plutonium Dragon (worth two levels) when you are at Level 9 has always clearly been a win.) (See, I can't even write this post without clarifying the possible rules loophole it implies. And that's why we love Munchkin.)

-- Steve Jackson

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