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April 27, 2021: Counterfeit Games

It happens - these days, it happens more and more. A company finds that its sales of its big hit are dropping . . . and they are getting complaints about reduced quality, maybe even mistakes on the box or missing parts. They've been counterfeited.

Most fake games come out of Asian factories and are sold in bulk to third parties - sellers on platforms such as, but not limited to, Amazon. (Recent good news on that: Amazon has started listing detailed contact information -- including addresses -- for third-party sellers.)

Personally, I've seen fake Chinese-language Munchkin, and some really badly-made counterfeit INWO cards.

The problem could get much worse than it is. If it's not reined in, it could become a serious threat to mid-size publishers and to creators who have just broken into the market with a single big hit. Especially if they can't keep up with demand . . . they may find they are getting "help" they don't want.

Keep an eye on this issue.

Two relevant articles by Cameron Brown:

What Can We Do About Counterfeit Board Games?

The Impact of Counterfeits on the Board Game Hobby


-- Steve Jackson

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