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May 27, 2021: Illuminati Confirmed Kickstarter Closes Today

The Illuminati Confirmed Kickstarter has entered its final hours and is closing strong! This has been a very successful relaunch, from funding to unlocking so much extra content. Not only do we get multiple new expansions and factions, but better functionality like campaign play, better A.I., and deckbuilding options, which is great. Plus we haven't even unlocked the secret stretch goal, but there's a chance that we can, based on the trajectory, before the end of the day!


Congratulations to Derek and the team for the successful campaign. We can't wait for this release! We'll probably check it out on #SJGamesLive when it releases, so we're pumped to show off some more Illuminati subterfuge in a digital format. Let's push this Kickstarter over the edge, I want to see what that secret stretch goal is! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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