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December 5, 2019: All I Want for Christmas is . . . Kittens?


Our HAULiday sale is going full force. And so we thought to ourselves . . . what would make this sale even better? Kittens! Yes, we decided KITTENS would make it better.

We've got lots of brand new kitty dice on the way. They're so new you probably haven't even seen them yet! The Kitten d6 Dice Set can be found here, while the Kitten d6 Litter has lots more dice that are the same, but different. That's right, some dice have kitty paws and some have kitties in boxes and others have kitty faces. And some are red and some are teal and some are black. And some of them are hard to find!

Between meow and December 17, we'll toss one random kitty die* into each order ($25 or higher) of physical merchandise. Just like that. And if you buy $50 or more, you'll get TWO dice. Because two kitties are better than one.

*While supplies last. One die for each $25 in physical merchandise, up to a limit of six (6) dice per order. FREE shipping at $150 in the U.S. only. To find out what's on sale and to pick out the perfect gift, check out the rest of our HAULiday specials here!

-- Susan Bueno

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