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December 25, 2019: The Car Wars $140 Pledge Is A Bargain!


As of this writing, the Car Wars Sixth Edition campaign on Kickstarter is over $540,000 and has less than two weeks to go. So far, over 3,500 backers have unlocked several stretch goals and packed more and more into the game, making the $140 reward level an amazing deal that you will not want to miss!

For your pledge of $140 on Kickstarter, you will receive:

  • Car Wars Sixth Edition
  • Car Wars Playmat #1
  • Car Wars Playmat #3
  • Car Wars Miniatures Set 1
  • Car Wars Miniatures Set 3
  • Car Wars Road Tiles
  • Car Wars Armory Pack
  • Car Wars Linked Weapons Pack
  • Car Wars Crew Pack
  • Car Wars Dropped Weapons Pack
  • Car Wars Dice Bag

That's $432 (post-KS price) worth of stuff for only the $140 pledge! This is a bargain that is unlikely to come again once the Kickstarter campaign has come to a close, so please join today and don't miss this deal on the new Car Wars Sixth Edition game.

-- Phil Reed


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