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December 12, 2019: Closing For The Holidays

Our last office day for 2019 is next Thursday, December 19, which also (by no coincidence whatsoever) is our final office game day of the year.

We'll be closed starting December 20, reopening on January 2. Warehouse 23 will not be processing or shipping any orders during that time and no one will be here to answer the phone. Most of our staff will be taking those days off, although a few crazy people dedicated souls* may be putting in time so they can hit the ground running in 2020.

If you have holiday shopping to finish up, better hurry! (Check out the HAULiday sale going on right now for great gift ideas!) And in case we don't get another chance to tell you, have a wonderful holiday season and we'll see you next year.

-- Andrew Hackard

*Some of us will be working on the Car Wars Sixth Edition campaign on Kickstarter. You're welcome to join the campaign today and keep posting those questions to the project page. Some of us will be standing by, ready to answer questions as best we can! -- Phil Reed

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