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December 19, 2004: Welcome, Ken!

We are pleased to announce that Ken Burnside has filled the Print Buyer opening advertised at the end of October, freeing Monica Stephens to move to an editorial position.

Ken is known among the Pyramid community (and the SF boardgaming community) as the president of Ad Astra Games, publishers of the 3-D spaceship combat game Attack Vector: Tactical and several other fine products of the exceedingly geeky persuasion. He will still be running Ad Astra in addition to his other duties with SJ Games.

Ken's duties at SJ Games are varied; currently, we have him chasing aliens around the warehouse and finding packaging solutions. When they let him go, we'll have him proofing the bluelines when they come back from the printers...

Ken's first gaming experience was playing Raid on Iran in junior high school, dooming him to dissatisfaction with more convenional mediums of entertainment. He then fell into bad habits with D&D, Hero System, and then finally GURPS, before switching back to his first love, tactical boardgames, with Star Fleet Battles, and finally writing his own with Attack Vector.

When not buried in spreadsheets for either SJ Games or Ad Astra, Ken likes to play spaceship combat games (especially his own), write fiction, take in the occaisional movie to remind himself why games are vastly superior forms of entertainment, chat with PyraMOOvians, and fence.

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