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December 24, 2011: Thank You, MTV Geek!

Back in October, when I was at New York Comic Con, I did an interview with MTV Geek. We talked about Castellan, my day as an extra on The Guild, and our recent string of Munchkin licenses. And through the magic of video and the interwebs, you can watch three short videos at MTV Geek. Thank you to both MTV Geek and our contact, Matt Morgan, for taking the time to chat with me. 

I hope you guys find the videos both entertaining and informative. Just make sure to shield your eyes so my Munchkin Zombies shirt doesn't burn into your retinas and eat through to the back of your skull.

-- Phil Reed

(Psst, Munchkin fans . . . be sure to check the Illuminator tomorrow!)

-- Andrew Hackard

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