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December 31, 2011: My Favorite Book Of 2011

All of you who, like me, grew up in the 80s may want a look at the first book from the Power and Honor Foundation, The Power and the Honor Foundation Catalog Volume One: The Art of the Masters of the Universe Toy Design. That's a long name, but they could have made it a dozen words longer and it would still be my favorite book of the year. It's a beautiful hardcover loaded with illustrations and photos salvaged from the designers of the toy line. I've now flipped through so many times that I'm starting to memorize it.

This is everything I wanted from a book dedicated to Mattel's classic Masters of the Universe toy line. I posted a review at battlegrip.com and a Flickr set of photos to help show exactly what makes me love it. I'm a fan of "how to" and "making of" material, coffee table books, and artwork, so there was no way this book wasn't going to join my library. I'm just amazed that it turned out as great as it did.

If you're like me and remember the series from your childhood, or if you need a gift for someone who played with the toys as a kid, this is a great find and not to be missed.

Now I want one of these for the Transformers toys of the eighties!

-- Phil Reed

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