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December 8, 2011: Warehouse 23 Exclusive November Releases!

November was a busy month for new releases. At Warehouse 23, we listed ten new exclusives for collectors and Munchkin aficionados. Did you know we recently released a Munchkin Jolly Jumbo d6 (blue)? This Munchkin Jolly Jumbo D6 die was offered to fans around the same time as the other two, but does not come with bonus cards. Besides the fact you can see right through it, the artwork features a smokin' reindeer. (Can you tell I'm impressed?)

This was a big month for specialty dice and dice bags. We also released Munchkin Jumbo d6 (Sparkly Pink), Pyramid Dice (Sparkly Pink), and a brightly colored Munchkin Dice Bag (Pink with Purple Ink). The dice bag does not come with the bonus cards, either, but a special rule is printed right on the back of the bag.

Rounding out our Munchkin-related releases, we're offering an Exclusive Warehouse 23 Munchkin Booster 2011. Last year, we offered the Exclusive Warehouse 23 Munchkin Booster 2010 to see how fans would react. The only reason we have this set available is because fans loved the first one. Last but not least, you may have heard that it's the Munchkin 10th anniversary this year. In early November, we offered a limited edition Munchkin 10th anniversary poster signed by John Kovalic, Steve Jackson, and Andrew Hackard.

For those of you who prefer Cthulhu, we went a little nuts with our tentacles . . . Er . . . The picture of the Cthulhu Shot Glass (Purple on Pink) doesn't do it justice. Trust me on that one. The way the glass is shaped, the pink rises up from the bottom of the glass, so when you put a clear liquid in it like [REDACTED], the contents literally glow. We also have several Cthulhu Bandz you can wear or use with your Giant Cthulhu Dice in yellow, purple, dark red, black, and dark green. We even have a Giant Cthulhu Dice (Black w/nasty Green) exclusive, too!

Lastly, we released a brand new T-shirt. This time? It's an Awful Green Things T-shirt colored to match Zgwortz, so stains won't show. Remember, we still have quite a few shirts at the warehouse, so don't be afraid to pick up a Zombie Dice T-Shirt or one of our other designs. They make great gifts!


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