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February 2, 2024: Sweet Savings For Sweethearts

Celebrate the most lovely day of the year – February 14th – with our Valentine's Day Sale! These sweet deals are a perfect 14% off and a wonderful way to surprise that special person in your life. 
Begin with the Munchkin Bundle of Love, featuring lots of expansion cards which can be added to any Munchkin base game. There are also five adorable valentine cards in Munchkin Valentines (with envelopes1) so you can send them to your favorite people. The Candy Heart d6 Dice can be stored in the Munchkin Dice Bag: Chibithulhu. Finally, play your Munchkin game on the cute Munchkin Playmat: The Flower of Love, which includes a special in-game bonus. What a perfect gift!
The Munchkin Family-Sized Bundle of Love comes with dozens of cute cards including Munchkin Princesses, Munchkin Knights, and a full game: Munchkin Babies. Expand with Munchkin Babies 2 – Stork Naked, and roll two swirly pink 25mm Munchkin Jumbo d6. This bundle also includes Munchkin Valentines to hand out or mail!
Our exciting bundles aren't the only way to save big during this sale – a few special individual items will also be offered at 14% off, including The Rose Labyrinth (in both hard copy and PDF formats) and the Munchkin Valentine's Monster Box. Pair the Unicorn Dice with Munchkin Unicorns and the adorable Munchkin Dice Bag: Unicorns
We also have a huge selection of fantastic two-player games for anyone looking to duel with their sweetheart or dear loved one. Munchkin titles for two include Munchkin Wonderland, Munchkin Farkle, and Munchkin Panic. The Proteus Pocket Box plays on a standard chess board, but is nothing like you've ever played before! Deadly Doodles and Deadly Doodles 2 are super-cute path-drawing games set in a dangerous dungeon.
These are just a few of the great items on sale for 14% off – check out more on Warehouse 23. But hurry! These special deals only last for a short time!

-- Michelle Richardson

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