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February 14, 2024: Find Last-Minute Gifts At Our Valentine's Day Sale

Valentine's Day has snuck up on me like a vampire rogue at midnight. You know the one.
I can only hope that I'm the only one who has been taken by surprise. But if you're also staring at the calendar in a last-minute panic, there's hope. The Warehouse 23 Valentine's Day Sale is still going strong, which means you have one last chance to pick up something your significant other will love. Our sale includes an assortment of bundles and accessories, as well as a selection of games that support two players. While your purchase won't arrive by dinnertime tonight, it will arrive – and what better way to keep your Valentine's Day celebration going for a little longer? (Pro tip: Hint at the gift's imminent arrival on the card that came with the flowers you picked up today. You remembered those, right?)
If all else fails, there's always a Warehouse 23 Gift Certificate. Its virtual nature ensures that it arrives in minutes. Best of all, it guarantees that the object of your fancy wil get exactly what they want for Valentine's Day this year. What a great way to show how much you care!
Our Valentine's Day Sale ends tonight, so don't delay! After all, that's what got us into this conundrum in the first place . . . 

-- Katie Duffy

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