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February 17, 2024: A New Munchkin Expansion Is Crawling Your Way

Larva Cover Art

Today we're sharing news about a creepy-crawly new Munchkin expansion scheduled to release in June! Developed by Munchkin Associate Developer Devin Lewis and illustrated by new-to-us artist Bas Goverde, we are proud to announce Munchkin: The Floor Is Larva. And by the way, let me just tell you that it's really hard to say "larva" when your 10-year-old inner child is thinking "lava"!

Munchkin: The Floor Is Larva is a 56-card expansion chock-full of just what you might have guessed – bugs! Bee-bugs and roach-bugs and bugs that sting and even bugs in rugs. You name it; it's probably in here. It'll shuffle flawlessly into any Munchkin set you'd like to play with. Well, except for all the legs. It's hard to shuffle legs.

We're very excited to have a new artist illustraing Munchkin, too. It's really fun to see what new treatments a new artist can add to the mix!

Munchkin: The Floor Is Larva is now at print, and soon all those little bugs will be on a ship headed your way. Ask your FLGS to reserve your copy!

-- Susan Bueno

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