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February 15, 2024: Munchkin Minus Some

If you and your friends have played a bunch of Munchkin (any flavor!), are familiar with the cards, and are looking for an easy-peasy variant, here's one to consider.

Before the game starts (and before the deck is shuffled!), each player looks through the deck and removes one card from the game. Is there a card that did you wrong last game and you want your revenge? It's shunted to the box! Do you want to be strategic and gain an advantage by exiling a particular card? Okay! It's up to you; you're the munchkin!

The number of cards removed in this way can be adjusted based on the number of players and cards. (For example, "each player removes one card per set included" shouldn't be too disruptive.)

If any one gives this a try, I'd love to hear how it turned out; feel free to drop a line on the forums.

-- Steven Marsh

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