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January 1, 2021: Expand Your Ogre Collection With Ogrezine In Print


For the Ogre players in the audience, do not miss the Ogrezine print collection that is available now from Amazon. This print-on-demand book collects the first two Ogrezine projects between two covers, providing you with fiction, scenarios, and articles for use with the classic game of cybertank combat.

As an Amazon print-on-demand title, Ogrezine prints and ships from whichever Amazon fulfillment center is closest to you. This means that even if you're outside of the United States, there's a good chance that buying the book direct from Amazon will cost much less than if we were to print and ship the books from Warehouse 23. Not everything we make can transition to a print-on-demand model, but we're constantly looking for ways to minimize the barriers that make it difficult for those of you outside of the United States to collect and play our games.

Order Ogrezine in print today!

-- Phil Reed

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