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January 13, 2008: Hat Switch!

It seems like changing jobs is a hobby for some folks around here . . .

This past November, Thomas' 133t coding skillz had advanced to the point where he was darned useful on a number of rather urgent projects we've been working on with our server. So, as is logical, we shifted his time over to Warehouse 23.

Of course, this leaves a vacancy under the e23 Manager hat, which is where I stepped in. I'm still wearing my Marketing Director's hat, so you'll still see me flying the Steve Jackson Games flag around the forums and conventions. Thomas did a great job documenting the processes that PDF projects go through, and generally making it easy for his successor. I'm still digging into some of the fine details, but you, our loyal customers, shouldn't notice any interruptions.

If you are a PDF publisher currently on e23, there is one change: Shadlyn Wolfe, our W23 Manager, will be handling your accounts. Since she deals with other publishers all day anyway -- filling W23's shelves with the latest and greatest in games and geek gear -- we figured it made more sense for her to handle e23's relationships as well.

If you're a PDF publisher not currently on e23, well, now's an excellent time to join the ranks of Atlas Games, Ronin Arts, and ComStar Media. 2008 is going to be a heck of a year, and you'll want to be involved!
-- Paul Chapman

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