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January 14, 2008: Even The Mistakes Are Interesting

Four Dice During our quality checks for the recent run of Munchkin Dice, we came across some interesting rejects. What happened to this blue die is easy to see -- an air bubble was trapped in the mold when the plastic was injected, and when it popped, one of the faces collapsed.

(You'll have to click on the image to see the other three. Trust me, it's worth it.)

The white die's error occurred because the black paint (which is supposed to fill the numbers) got mixed with the white plastic. The gold die didn't show up well on the photo, but it's even more interesting. The edges are actually bowed out. This die is 2-3% larger than a normal die. As near as we can figure, the interior had an air bubble, like the blue die, but it didn't pop. Will claims to hear something rattling around inside there.

We have no idea what happened to the red die. But it looks cool!
-- Paul Chapman

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