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January 27, 2008: What Is This?

Fnord Fnord Sure, it's a plastic figure. But who made it? What game does it belong to? Where could we get more, if we wanted them?

Seriously, we have no idea. We found this guy in a box of samples, many months ago. The printer's rep had no idea where it came from, and our Google-fu has failed. He has the nub of a brass wire sticking slightly out of his foot, so he may even be a prototype. The circular hole in the center of his back looks like a socket, maybe for an optional jetpack?

If you recognize this 2-3/8" (60mm) tall figure, drop us a line. (And if he is a Top Secret Prototype, we apologize in advance!)
-- Paul Chapman
Turns out, it was a Top Secret Prototype, so we removed the images!

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