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January 31, 2008: We Need You!

If you're ready to work in the office as a Production Assistant, that is. As we ramp up production on new GURPS PDFs, we find ourselves in need of a layout monkey capable of dropping text into an existing page design. If this is you, and you're ready to work for the Secret Masters, check out the latest job posting.

If this isn't you, but you have writing talent and GURPS experience, you should probably take a look at our wish list. After all, the new guy is going to need a steady stream of manuscripts and there's no reason that one of your projects can't be included in the mix.

-- Phil Reed

Network maintenance

Our service provider, Grande, has just told its users there will be six-hour downtime window, starting at midnight CST tonight (Thursday the 31st). We are to expect "intermittent service disruptions throughout the duration."

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