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January 29, 2008: Ignore The Figure Behind The Curtain

Remember the Daily Illuminator from the 27th? You'll note, if you follow that link, that the images are gone. Turns out, the figure is from Fantasy Flight's upcoming Mutant Chronicles CMG. As it was unfinished, unapproved, and unpainted, we took the images down. Sorry guys! Whenever we had an unplanned leak in the past, our Marketing Guy tore his hair out. Wait, that's me -- guess that explains the bald spots.

We all know that you shouldn't base your opinions on incomplete "not final" pieces. And that goes double for miniatures. But this figure was pretty darned cool, and if FF produces paint jobs similar to what they were showing off at last fall's trade shows, the line is going to be extremely eye-catching.
-- Paul Chapman

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