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January 20, 2008: This Is Why You Want Fries With That.

Lord of the Fries When we announced the new edition of Lord of the Fries last month, there were questions. Will this be another tuckbox game? Will everything remain in color? How are you going to make this edition worth buying, if I've got all the others?

Here's your answer. Glorious color all over the place. Big menus. Two dice, of different colors, to speed up the random portion of the game. Durable tokens. And a sandtimer, to keep those who can't make a decision from dragging the game out forever.

What you're seeing here is the proof the printer sent us, for our final checks. The cards look great, the box will contain everything you need to play the game, and it's on schedule to be released in early April. Best edition of Lord of the Fries ever? We'll let you decide.
-- Paul Chapman

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