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January 23, 2021: Munchkin Travels To Korea

With a roster of nearly 20 languages under its belt, Munchkin is our most translated game currently in print, and gamers around the world are able to enjoy Munchkin (and in some places more versions and expansions as well). Now we add a new language to the family with the Korean edition of Munchkin! We're very fortunate to have fans spread far and wide with a desire to see the game in their native language, and we appreciate the translation and licensing partners that are interested in making it happen. This unboxing video gives you an idea of what an international version of Munchkin looks like (even if you don't speak Korean!). It's always fun seeing what's the same and what's changed in other regions of the world, since there can be differences in production process, style, or even local sales laws or requirements. 

We want to again thank our licensing and translation partners, as well as the team here at SJ Games with Alain and Ross, who help orchestrate a lot of these games that reach our neighbors overseas. Keep an eye out for Munchkin and other fine SJ Games products in your own local game stores!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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