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February 23, 2021: Steve Jackson Games' Zine Quest Entries


Now on Kickstarter, we have a single campaign for two different zines!

  • Illuminated Manuscript. A collection of web articles, unpublished material, and text from our retailer newsletter from 1987 and 1988, this small zine is a grab bag of random fun for your reading pleasure! One of the things we miss most about magazines and newsletters is the ability to hold the work in our hands, and Illuminated Manuscript brings some of our web articles to print for the very first time.
  • 1976 Ogre Playtest Booklet. First published in 1977, Ogre is Steve's first game and it has been through several editions over the last four decades. Many Ogre players are also collectors, building libraries packed with the different published editions of the game ranging in size from the classic microgame to the overwhelmingly massive Ogre Designer's Edition. Now, thanks to your support on Kickstarter, we're proud to bring a version of Ogre to print that you have not seen before: the November 4, 1976, playtest edition!

The Kickstarter campaign launched yesterday and ends this Friday, so today is the day to join in! We have reward levels for Ogre fans, fans of our classic games of the eighties, and even something new for the Munchkin players. Join the project today!

-- Phil Reed

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