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February 9, 2021: Ogre Pocket Box Bundle Now On Warehouse 23!


Did you miss the Pocket Box campaign? Have you been looking to replace your 1980s Ogre collection? The Ogre Pocket Box Bundle available now at our online store, Warehouse 23, is the fastest way to rebuild a set of Ogre games and expansions that you may have misplaced over the last 30+ years. The box is loaded with:

  • Ogre Pocket Box
  • G.E.V. Pocket Box
  • Battlesuit Pocket Box
  • Shockwave (bagged expansion)
  • Ogre Reinforcement Pack (bagged expansion)
  • 4 Ogre Pocket Folders - #5, #9, #11, #12
  • 2 empty Pocket Boxes (1 Black, 1 Green)

Supplies are limited and we're unlikely to reprint all of these items soon. (We refuse to say we'll never reprint them, though, because there may be an opportunity twenty or thirty years from now when a reprint of these games will make perfect sense.) Order the bundle today and get ready to play like it's the decade of big hair, synthrock, and marathon game sessions with your friends.

-- Phil Reed

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