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February 21, 2021: Dave Nalle

Allen Varney advises us that Dave Nalle is dead of COVID-19. Dave was a game designer (Ysgarth), publisher (Ragnarok Press), font designer (Windlass, which we used for Munchkin, among many others) and libertarian gadfly. In the design community, he was best known for his love of argument; if there was no argument at the moment, Dave could remedy that.

Said Allen, "He held his positions with unshakable assurance and, I must say, with integrity. I know some "Libertarians of convenience" – guys who, if Congress granted them individual dispensations to smoke weed and skip paying taxes, would ditch the Libertarian party in a year. But Dave walked the walk."

Unlike many modern Libertarians, Dave was not a conspiracy theorist, and indeed devoted a great deal of time to debunking various conspiratorial excrescences which had attached themselves to Libertarian thought, especially the frothings of a local talk show host whom I shall not dignify by naming.

He is survived by two children.

-- Steve Jackson

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