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February 27, 2021: Missed Dragon Appreciation Day


If you stan Temeraire, saw either Eragon or Dragonheart in theaters despite critics' wise warnings, cried more for Viserion than Daenerys, then January 16th Appreciate a Dragon Day did not go unmarked on your calendar. Did you get a chance to share your love of wyrms, wyverns, Nightfuries & other majestic scaled "monsters" with others this year?

My favorite thing we have produced since I've been with the company is the Lar Desouza Dice Dragon T-Shirt, the design of which was adapted to go on a satin-lined dice bag. If you need more dice for this bag – there's a similarly designed set of 8 that came out this month – the Dragon d6 Dice Set.

I also proudly rep the Deadly Doodles Dragon Pin – mascot of my favorite game of ours from 2019. We partnered with Ultra Pro to turn the infamous Munchkin Plutonium Dragon into the squishiest dice pouch. That guy is also featured on our Munchkin Coasters. If you have a tough hide and a pure heart – you've come to the right place!

-- Lisa Villaire

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