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February 6, 2021: Looking For Mark Evanier!

A bit of history: Several years ago, Archangel Studios published a great little game based on Sergio Aragones' Groo the Barbarian. We bought the system rights to that game, with the understanding that the Groo license itself was separate and had to come from Sergio.

So I contacted Sergio personally and he was the nicest guy imaginable, but he said that Mark Evanier handled all these things for him. He gave me contact info.

But I have never been able to reach Mark, either by mail or e-mail. I know he exists, and I suspect he's alive - his blog was updated Feb. 4. And there's an "askme" address associated with the blog, but I haven't gotten a reply from that, either.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but for some reason we have a disconnect, which has lasted years, on actually talking.

I would far rather go ahead with a new edition of the Groo game, rather than use the mechanics with some other license. But it would be a good game with any skin, and it's time it got released. So . . . can you help me? Where is Mark Evanier? (He can reach me at the address I have used for decades: sj AT sjgames DOT com.)

-- Steve Jackson

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