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February 14, 2021: Dice Games Coasters Available Now


We created a set of new coasters as part of the Random Fun Generator project last year, one each for the Gelatinous, Texas Roll 'Em, and Zombie Dice games. These are game aids for use with those three games and the set of three is available now at our online store, Warehouse 23.

What can you do with this set of coasters? You can use them to protect your table from condensation, of course! Oh, and you can also use two of them -- Gelatinous and Texas Roll 'Em -- to play the games so long as you provide your own dice. The Zombie Dice coaster serves as a handy counter for those of you who wish to track your brains with a new tool.

Grab four or five sets and several dice and you've got enough for an evening of games with your friends. Order your coasters today!

-- Phil Reed

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