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July 1, 2012: It's Hot Out . . . But Is It Hotter Than Hell?

GURPS Locations: Hellsgate

As record-breaking heat sweeps across parts of the world, one question hangs on the lips of most people: "How does this heatwave compare to a demon-ruled city built inside a volcanic crater?" We at e23 have the answer, with the hot-off-the-presses GURPS Locations: Hellsgate.

Written by Matt Riggsby (author of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 8: Treasure Tables and GURPS Fantasy-Tech 1: The Edge of Reality), with additional GURPS goodness from Assistant Line Editor Jason "PK" Levine, this guide to the fantastic city of Hellsgate gives you everything you need to inject an amazing locale into any suitably epic campaign. It includes the city's uncanny history, a look at daily life, and a plethora of places suitable for adventure. Dare you visit the demon-beloved Fire Garden, pay your disrespects at the Anticathedral, or fight for your life in the Perpetual Arena?

Car Wars Division 5 Set 3 - Napalm vs. Dagger

It provides plenty of GURPS stats. Get templates for four types of damned souls, stats for three demons who dwell within Hellsgate (each built on more than 900 points), and stats for six more colorful characters who call this little corner of Hell their home. It also delivers advice for inserting this into many campaigns (including GURPS Dungeon Fantasy), plus items of interest, power, and danger a visitor or resident might encounter.

Alternatively, go for a summer drive with the latest classic e23 release to the Car Wars line: Car Wars Division 5 Set 3 - Napalm vs. Dagger. This finale of the Division 5 sets contains everything you need to pit the Napalm's twin flamethrowers against the Dagger's deadly micro-missile launcher. When these two get in the arena, things are sure to heat up!

Regardless of what you're doing this summer, you owe it to yourself to check out the hottest city around -- with GURPS Locations: Hellsgate. Or look smoking with the ready-to-play action of Car Wars Division 5 Set 3 - Napalm vs. Dagger. You'll burn something new every day!

-- Steven Marsh

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