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July 12, 2012: SJ Games Demo Overdose At FeenCon

FeenCon2011_1 This weekend I'll be attending FeenCon in Bonn, Germany. FeenCon, which translates to FairyCon, is the major convention of the mighty GFR, the German Guild of Fantasy Roleplaying Gamers, a 250-strong organization of gaming enthusiasts who devote a significant amount of their free time to run events for gamers all over Germany. Together with the MIB Cell Leader in Germany and other German MIBs, I'll be showing off the wide range of Steve Jackson Games products, from true classics like Illuminati to the brand new stuff like Munchkin Conan and Munchkin The Guild.

As one of the most important German conventions, FeenCon is also a station of the Munchkin Crusade, which is a tournament series run all over the German speaking countries -- the winners qualify for the finals held each year at Spiel in Essen.

Another special we'll offer is the first European appearance of the forthcoming SJ Games release Castellan, a fast playing game of castle-building. And of course we'll have a lot of the rare promotional goodies like bookmarks, promo cards, and coins with us, including brand new ones.

So you don't have to whine if you can't make it to San Diego Comic Con this weekend. If you are in Germany or a country nearby, join the other 3,000 gaming geeks and visit us at the show!

-- Birger Kraemer

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