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July 25, 2012: Ogre Update, With Grabby Vulcan Arms

As promised last time: the Vulcan! With its huge grabby arms! There are two of these in the Kickstarter edition of Ogre. The rules will appear online. I expect that there will be a supplement featuring Vulcans, combat engineers, and rules for changing the map in more subtle and controllable ways than "Cruise missile . . . launch!" 

Dice! The smaller one at the far right is a regular 16mm Munchkin die for comparison. On the left are big (19mm) shiny acrylic Ogre dice. The box will have a Combine red and a Paneuropean blue. The black and green ones will be available separately. (The red Paneuro and blue Combine die are just what happens when the factory sends a bunch of samples.) And on the right are pyramid, Cthulhu, and Munchkin dice made in the same 19mm size. Prediction: You will eventually be able to buy these.

And here we have the 12 pages of the Scenarios book, laid out on the table to compare one version with the previous one. You can't really appreciate Richard Meaden's beautiful layout, let alone the artwork. It's just a lot of pages on the table. Trust me, though. "A lot of pages on the table" is a long ways from where we were at the end of the Kickstarter, and it's getting closer to "a book at print."

-- Steve Jackson

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