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July 27, 2012: See SJ At Space City Con

The weekend after next -- August 10-12 -- I will be at Space City Con in Houston. This is a first-year event that has a lot of potential to grow . . . media, gaming, comics, and lots of general geekery! It benefits Kids Need To Read.

On Friday I am hosting, or perhaps solo-ing, a discussion of Kickstarter projects. I'll talk about my experiences with Ogre (a.k.a. "How to raise a million dollars and, perhaps, survive.") If anybody in the audience has done a Kickstarter, I'll invite them up to share the panel. I will take questions, and give the straightest answers that I can.

Saturday, I'll give a talk about what we're working on now (starting with Ogre prototypes, naturally) and what comes next. Yes, I'll bring Castellan! I'll also be showing off a Munchkin release never before seen in the wild, and at the end of the hour I'll give away a few copies, along with whatever else winds up in my +3 Box of Swag. It's amazing. The more people who show up to the talk, the deeper that box gets.

The Houston cell of the Men in Black will be at the convention, running Munchkin and GURPS and Revolution! and probably lots of other games.

I'm told that Angus Abranson (SLA Industries) will also be there. And you can get your gaming-author fix at Space City Con in a BIG way: Tracy and Laura Hickman will be at the con as well. So will R.A. Salvatore.

So come see all of us!

-- Steve Jackson

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