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July 6, 2012: Race To Adventure!

It probably goes without saying that just about everyone at Steve Jackson Games is a huge gamer geek. Every week someone comes into the office with a shiny new toy or game they think is cool, and we all get to nerd out about it for a bit. It's definitely one of the high points of getting to work here.

One shiny game that I'm looking forward to is being Kickstarted right now by my friends at Evil Hat Productions, called Race to Adventure! (Yes, the exclamation point is part of the title.) Building on the world from their pulp RPG, Spirit of the Century, it's about traveling around the world, using gadgets, going on cool missions, and generally doing awesome pulpy things! It's geared for players age 8 and up and plays in about a half hour, which makes it perfect for busy families.

There's an extremely awesome tutorial video here, showing you the basics of the game and how to play. Check it out!

-- Leonard Balsera

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