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July 3, 2021: Available In Print On Demand – GURPS Conan!


They said it couldn't be done, but nothing is impossible for a barbarian king! Out of print for decades, the classic GURPS Conan supplement is available once more to purchase in print, as part of our ever-growing On Demand program!

This beloved book is a trove teeming with inspirational insight on everyone's favorite Hyborian, plus plenty of information on how to run your own campaign in Robert E. Howard's sword-and-sorcery setting. Originally forged from an era before modern digital methods, this print-on-demand version was created using a scanned copy that retains the original text and charm that made the volume so sought after.

You need not face wild wyrms nor sinister sorcerers to claim GURPS Conan as your own. Simply get it as you want it – On Demand!

-- Steven Marsh

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