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July 22, 2021: On The Road Again!

After 18 months of not attending a gaming convention in person, we're eager to announce our Convention Schedule for the 2021 season! That's right, we've booked our flights, reserved the booths, booked our rooms, and chosen our travel dates. Though many of our favorite conventions have moved dates, canceled because of Covid related restrictions, or pushed back to next year, there are a few that are going to take place and – we're going to be there!

Here is a list of the conventions and dates we are currently scheduled to attend. We can't begin to relay how excited we all are to see you all again, real soon!

We are currently updating our web page and Facebook Events page for known conventions, both in person and virtual, so if you are a convention organizer and would like to get on our calendar, either to attend or to support, check it out here.

-- Eric Dow

Editor's note: Check out the interview on #SJGamesLive with Eric to hear more about the safety changes and other details of our convention planning!

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