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June 7, 2010: Behind Closed Doors

GURPS Traveller Classic: Nobles GURPS Traveller Classic: Nobles reveals the hidden truths about nobles in the Traveller universe. Finally you can see what they do behind closed doors -- their lives, their loves, and what they eat for breakfast.

Nobles guides you through high-class elements like schools, duties, marriages, and much more. For character creation, there are sixteen character templates. And since this is Traveller we are talking about, Nobles has deckplans for three ships of the more dignified sort. There is so much in this book that I can't even begin to list all of it. And if I did the list would need one of those spaceships to carry it!

If you're looking for the dirt on the rich and famous of Traveller, GURPS Traveller Classic: Nobles is right for you.

-- Paul Chapman

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